Friday, July 15, 2011

Childrens Art Caddy

This is our Art/Games Cupboard. Not too bad now. I did a major declutter over the school holidays and have been working at getting it more organized over the past few weeks so that things are easier for the children to get in and out. I just need to put some labels on the baskets so that things go back in their right place. I've already noticed a difference in how things go back in though. Having baskets for beading, for small loose toys, for craft items, for drawing pencils etc. has made such a difference to having it just shoved in to the cupboard any which way and then me having to tidy it up every few weeks.

Still, the basket for pencils and textas and other drawing things is always, always, ALWAYS messy! Pencils get left laying around and then chewed up by the dogs. I find broken pencils in there and even though we had different containers for things, I think that just made it harder to work with for little hands.
I read a very inspiring post over at iheart organizing the other week about an art caddy found at Target. Well, believe me I have searched high and low at Target here in Australia with no success. I even got on their web site to see if I could order it online. Nope! Yesterday I went into our local Spotlight store (haberdashery/linen/kitchenware/crafts) and look what I found. It's black, it's glossy (so I don't even need to paint it) and it's enamel with a lovely handle.

Again inspired by the post at iHeart Organizing I bought some white glitter lettering stickers to stick on the sides. 

One one side I wrote the word "Imagine" to get those little creative juices happening. And on the other side the word "Create" which I must again give credit for to iHeart Organizing. I couldn't have thought of a better word that fits so nicely on an art caddy.

...and LOOK....everything fits in so nicely. Pencils, HB pencils in all different grades, (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B....Daddy has been teaching 'Little Miss' how to 'shade'), textas, glitter and gel pens, scissors and even glue. This was my midnight project since it took me that long to nicely resharpen all those colouring in pencils last night. Even Daddy sat up and helped me. So, then it was waiting and ready on our homework station for 'Little Miss' when she woke up this morning....and guess what I found her doing when I woke up? Of course! Creating!

Here's a top view. See all nice and tidy. No more lost pencils for puppies to chew on. I must admit I do like the more squarish container. It seems to fit more in. But this one will do just nicely.

I first tried this lovely daisy chain sticker but then decided on the wording instead for a childrens art caddy. However, I LOVE this look so much I think I will have to go back to Spotlight for another caddy for myself. Hmmm...sound familiar? We can't stop at one can we.

Someone was feeling a bit cuddly today and just HAD to sit on my knee while I was here blogging. Marley really is a Mummys boy.

"Hmmm..... I think it's looking pretty good Mummy don't you agree Jasper?"

"Yeah whatever! I just want to get back to watching those people waiting at the bus stop out front."

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