Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Organizing - Household Notebook

One of my BFF's introduced me to the idea of making up a Household Notebook. We both researched different web sites and read blogs of others who have made them. It seems to be very popular over in USA, but hardly heard of here in Australia. What a great idea though. I was so excited to make one for our family. My friend has since gone to make a business out of it. They are really lovely and such a time saver once you organize everything in it. Above is a view of my own Household Notebook.

Here is her Facebook page just so you can get an idea of what is included in them.

Each notebook includes 8 sections:
The photos I'm including are from my own HH Notebook.

Phone Directory
Emergency contact details, Phone Messages, 
Family and Friends, Business, Restaurants and Take-away

Time Management
Yearly Calendar, Monthly Calendars
Things to do this week, Daily To Do List, General To Do List
  (Inserting School Divider photo here for privacy reasons)
Family Life
Emergency Plan, Education/Child Care Details,
Education Tax Rebate Record, Back to School Checklist,
A place to store school/child care notes and forms,
Birthdays and Anniversaries, Gift Suggestions,
Emergency Grab Bag
Meal Planning
Weekly Menu Planner, Shopping Lists,
Wine List, Pantry Inventory, Freezer Inventory
Home Management
Kids Chore Charts, Weekly Housekeeping,
Monthly Housekeeping, Seasonal Housekeeping
Vehicle Maintenance Schedule/Repairs, Party Planner
Online Passwords, Home Decorating Ideas
Money and Finance
Household Bills – weekly, fortnightly,
monthly, quarterly, yearly, Insurance Details,
Services/Utilities Record, Warranty Information

Health and Fitness
Medical Information, Prescriptions and
Medications, Medical Expenses, Immunization Record
Medical Insurance, Pet Information

Travel and Leisure
Recommendations – movies to hire, books to
read, places to visit, websites, Family Activity Planner,
Travel Ideas, Discount Coupons and Vouchers
I've been using mine for about two months now and still need to get around to filling in all the details. I love using my Daily Planners and To Do Lists and having a School section for the kids with all the contact details, tuck shop menu, excursion details etc. is such a help during the school week.
Everything is at my fingertips now. No more searching different rooms for phone numbers, insurance details or medical information.
Having a family emergency plan is so important too. Especially after all the life threatening disasters that have hit our country this year, bush fires, floods, cyclones... we've been very fortunate to be one of the only places in Australia that escaped any disaster this year. But, I want to be more prepared for anything that might come along in the future. Having a Household Notebook that you can take and run with is a wonderful idea. It will contain all our emergency information, insurance details, warranties etc. (when I eventually schedule some time in to finish putting it all together of course. It's a work in progress).
Of course there is and entire Pet section for Marley and Jasper containing all their vet information, immunization details, pet sitter notes, allergies.

Today I started working on making up similar folders to keep all the childrens school work. It will have separate dividers for each school year. I already have folders for their report cards, certificates, school photos and special work, but they're not big enough to keep a sample of each years school work.

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