Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Jasper The Thief

It's very hot and humid here today and we're all inside with the air conditioning on. Mummy gave us a pigs ear each for morning tea. Marley the tattle tale ran into the kitchen to get Mummy barking and whining. I don't know why. I was just laying here....innocently minding my own business...

"Ahhem!" she said. "Jasper did you steal Marley's pigs ear again?"

"Who me? I wouldn't....I couldn't....Well I never! With these big eyes and gorgeous face you're calling me a thief... I am insulted. Sniff! Sniff! How could you Mummy?"

"He he he....she's gone.....suffer Marley...I got away with it again!"

Marley: "Ho hum.... I'll let him think that. This pigs ear is bigger and I had already eaten half of mine. The jokes on you Jasper."


  1. What a funny post! Such cute Cav pics. Maizey is our resident thief. She likes to steal Magnus bully and lay on it so he can't get it.LOL She thinks she is very clever!

  2. oh yes, I know that "innocent" look, we get it all the time in our house with a certain young cavvy lad!

  3. Oh Oh Oh - boys I think only Mummy is the chief....Here she is - inside of the house ...but outside is He The Boss!!!
    What is with the Hurrican? ....I hope he will not run over your place.
    I love the pics about the beautiful day at the beach....and a pig ear is always a funny toy...with a wonderful smell....hihihiiiii
    Wuff and LG

  4. I used to love pigies ear holes. Except beware, they are very salty, It might have been just me being a bit of a pig myself as I used to steal them from the pet store if I could. They gave me ulcers...... mind you I was only a young pup then..... do I look on enviously while you snaffle these.... YES :-) lots of love AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM X X X

  5. Thanks for stopping by and for asking. We do agility and the (full) teeter is one of the obstacles. We were competing at a different venue (Max has only just started competing) and ran into a very bouncy teeter. It was loud and it was fast and freaked Max out. Since then we haven't had much opportunity to work on the teeter and Max has become very tentative. I am hoping that by giving really high value rewards when he tips the teeter - my mini one or a full sized one he will once again see it as a really fun obstacle.

  6. Great, well written post! Full of humor and wit. I love it! Jasper has such an innocent look, it's true. Both him and Marley are gorgeous dogs.

  7. LOL Jasper you are JUST like Becky! Poor Kodee and Marley being so patient and letting them take the treats. OH and your photos are fantastic!! I love Jasper all upside down in the above post too... did you say its hot and humid there today, oh lucky you :( So cold here.