Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to the Beach

After two months of heavy rain we've finally been able to have a few days back at the beach.

On this particular day the waves were roaring and high and we enjoyed watching jet skiers jumping the waves.

As always we love to find interesting things.

This marine plant looked burnt, but intrigued us because it appeared to be woven.

Mummy enjoyed putting her feet up and reading....

...as Daddy and the children created sand art...

Don't you just love this one?

Well as you can see Marley and Jasper had the best day ever! Look at Jaspers excited face.... "Let me run! Run! RUN!!!!"

Jasper looking out to sea...

One day late last year we took the dogs to the rock pools and nearly lost Jasper in the surf as he chased the seagulls towards the breaking waves. We caught him just in time before he would have got swept away over the rocks and out to sea.

After that incident we've had to keep him on the leash. Marley doesn't stray far, he's a bit more sensible and not quite sure what to do with himself when he's let off the lead.

We strolled in the sand and walked through the beach park looking at the sail boats in the mariner.

"Why do we have to go home" said Marley.

We always love to meet new friends on beach walks. We saw an eagle perched high and a Black Cockatoo which was a real treat as we don't see many of them.

This last photo taken in October last year is one of my favourites. It's always so peaceful at the end of our beach adventures. We always go to the beach in the afternoon as it's too hot during the middle of the day. So after an afternoon of swimming we usually stroll back to the car along the winding path at sunset, have the best fish and chips and calamari in the southern hempisphere for dinner before heading for home all tired out.


  1. Wow... that looks like so much fun!

    All of us boys have to stay on the leash at the beach... actually, every time we go out. We all like to run away as fast as we can! It's not that we don't love our mum, it's just so much fun running! Mum wants to find a dogpark that has a fence around it so we can all go off the leash!

    Puppy Love from Monty, Pirate, and Lucky!

  2. Beautiful photos. You really deserved some nice weather and a break a the beach after all the flooding. The sand art looks fun!

  3. What a fun day at the beach! I have not gone yet, well to the beach yes...did not like the sand a whole lot, but I was just a baby. So maybe this summer I will like it more. Even play and chase birds.
    Thanks for sharing,