Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello From the Land Downunder

You look good from this angle!


  1. wow, I am glad I inspired you ツ
    This photo is so cute ❤
    Happy Friday to you and your dogs.

  2. You look good from any angle, mind you so do I :-) not too sure if I can do that anymore, my neck might get stuck........ :-) You could have at least given me another look at that piggies ear :-) x x x
    lots of love AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM XXX

  3. I was going to say Jasper looks good from any angle but I see someone else said that already, oh well, I will say it again, Jasper you look good from any angle..........

    Mommie recently became unemployed/retired, not sure which so we have gotten to go for walks twice a day. We are very happy.

    Erin and Rosie

  4. Nice picture! Don't you love it when us Cavs can just let our ears down!

  5. Jasper, this is a very good reminder
    how super handsome you are from ....
    Yes any angle!