Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Don't we look just so innocent?
Our Mummy is so glad that we are the "little angels" we are and not naughty. (Shhhh.....don't tell Mummy, we have her fooled. She doesn't know what we get up to when she's not home).

But....we hear there was a Cavalier here before us who got up to some mischief with toilet paper once. Mummy woke up to it early one morning after Daddy had gone to work and left the bathroom door open...

His name was Brinkley and although he only lived two years...
(PS. Note the chew marks on Mummy's lovely vintage china cabinet she used to have)

....he got up to some mischief we hear.

Mummy still misses his little nose poking out from under her desk....sigh....

Mummy is always closing doors around here now and we don't even know what TP is.


  1. LOL Love it! Ah Brinkly looks like a very sweet Cavalier indeed.

  2. Well you are challenging my Cavalier Query of the day: are the boys all about the snails and trouble while the girls are everything nice? Jasper and Marley seem like very nice boys! Maybe they could teach Magnus a thing or two?LOL

    Brinkly seems like a fun boys too, maybe he would be getting trouble with Mylee, Zoe and Magnus. We really never stop missing the ones that we've lost. Glad to be hearing more from you guys now!

  3. Those Cavaliers always look so sweet and innocent, don't they? You'd never know to look at them that they can be so mischievous. Luckily Kendall doesn't seem to get into things.

  4. Mischief maker huh? Those sweet faces I just don't see
    Roxy doesn't get into stuff...oops I take tat back she did just bite throughout my heating blanket cord and I had to go buy a new one. But I still love her