Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rainforest Walk

Today after a long and winding drive through the country we headed to the mountains and then ventured on a rainforest walk.

It was dark beneath the canopy of towering palms and ferns...

...and the tree trunks that seemed to soar to endless heights.

Over many years strangler vines grow upwards around a towering tree and eventually killing it's host.

How lovely the dappled light that filtered to the forest floor.

We were so excited to catch this Golden Orb Spider busy in her web...

...and then to notice her hungrily munching on an earlier catch - a poor humble bee had flown into her sticky had many other unsuspecting flying insects that you can see stored for a late night snack!

We enjoyed our day and the lovely views of the mountains below.
The distant landscape was breathtaking albeit a little hazy at times.

But most of all how energizing to breathe in the fresh country car fumes...the haze you see is nothing but pure clean country fog on a crisp cool Autumn day.

Driving home we leave behind familiar country icons

...and often seen native birds...

....the rustic farmyard fences all weathered from years in the hot tropical sun but still sturdy and keeping the farmers barnyard animals safely inside.

It was such a refreshing way to spend my first day out of the house after such a long time recovering...the virus lingers on even now...what horrible things can await us in the I long for a time when sickness would be no more...!


  1. Hello Marley and Hello Jasper - it seems to me that all humans wanted to walk outside to have a look on green trees and full nature. Like me yesterday - but you two stay so far away and it seems that autum is there...and I??? Me and my humans are waiting for higher temperatures - it´s still toooooo cold outside for the month of May.
    Take good care of your mum.
    Wuff and LG

  2. We love coming by your blog to see all these beautiful pictures. :) We're glad your mom is recovered, Marley and Jasper! What a lovely walk you had! Living in downtown Toronto, we almost forget that pure fog exists. :(

    The pic of sunflowers reminds our mom one of her all time favorite movies Sunflower with Sofia Loren.

    Enjoy your beatiful Autumn day!

    Momo & Pinot

    ps: Thank you very much for stopping by our blog... we noticed that you deleted your comment..... maybe by accident??? :) :)

  3. After viewing your comments I decided to make a blog just for Charlie!