Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Heartwarming Welcome!

It's so heartwarming to be met by two adorable puppy smiles when visitors arrive.

Marley and Jasper love to sit at the front door and wait for Daddy to come home from work. They can hear his car coming from down the street at the traffic lights long before we know he is coming. Dogs have such good hearing and memories for knowing how their owners cars sound.

At other times they wait where they're not supposed to be (on top of the armchair) for the children to come home from school.

Caught in the Act!

What a cheeky face!

So come on in and have a cuddle!

A story from many years ago when I was growing up. We had a Labrador x Samoyed named Andy. He was terrified of thunder storms and one time he ran away and we lost him for a whole weekend. Finally after the long weekend a woman who lived 5kms away from us rang to tell us she had found Andy covered in mud (so he looked brown instead of the pure white dog that he was) shaking and shivering in a ditch down by the creek behind her home where she regularly walked her own dogs. He wouldn't follow her so she went home to drop off her dogs and got her car. She said as soon as he saw her car he came running up and jumped in the back seat without her even calling him. We found out that she had the exact same model Silver Ford that my father owned - even had the same sounding engine. He must have thought it was our car.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! They are REALLY smiling! What a welcome team when you and your family arrive home!

    And your anecdote is quite interesting. I'm sure the lac tought it was your father's car....