Friday, May 7, 2010

Dog Park Disaster

So remember what a lovely day we all had at the Lake and Dog Park last Saturday? Well, here’s why I haven’t written since then.

After we got home and Daddy took the children fishing for that lovely big fish, I bathed the puppies.

Soon after writing that blog I started to feel really unwell, like a head cold coming on. It felt like a head cold for the next few days and then by Monday night I was coughing badly and couldn’t sleep for the next two nights.

On Wednesday morning just as Daddy was heading out to work and I got up to get kids ready for school I looked in the mirror and got the shock of my life – my face had swollen up like a balloon and I had two huge tennis ball size lumps either side of my face just under my ears.

Went to the doctor and they thought maybe I had the mumps or a viral infection. Put me on anti-biotics and paracetamol but by Thursday morning it had worsened. Now my whole neck was swollen too down to my shoulders and across.

I was lethargic and my throat was constricting and although I could breathe easily I found it almost impossible to swallow.....I won’t bore you too much with all the details. We rang the ambulance and I was taken into hospital where I spent the last two days recovering.

Blood tests still haven’t returned but after some hydro-cortisone the swelling went down and this morning I felt almost back to normal apart from my cough which is hanging on and so they sent me home.

After talking things over with Daddy we have a sneaking suspicion that "red stuff" seeping into the lake must have been red algae and the dogs swam in it and brought it home on their fur. So when I washed them...who knows...maybe I breathed a bit of it in and caught some sort of bacterial infection.

So our lovely dog park afternoon became one scarey nightmare and I don’t know....what do you think...just in case it was that...I don’t think it’s a good idea to take the dogs swimming there anymore.

As for that lovely big fish???
Well...we did cook it but only Daddy ate it. I had two bites and it tasted like mud! It was a mullet after all and they are bottom dwelling mud suckers so their flesh is not very tasty. So I don’t think it was the fish, but again we won’t be eating anything from there again. I think we’ll stick to the fresh ocean catches.

Marley and Jasper were very happy to see my home again today too. After being locked outside for the past two days while the family were sitting in the hospital with me. They’ve been following me around all afternoon and have both been vying for a place on my lap.

But as my laptop is there right now...not much room for puppy love! Will have to make up for it after this.


  1. Oooooooooh what a pitty - it´s unbeleavable - a real nightmare - such a bad situation - but fortunately it seems to be over now and will - so I hope - never come back. I think, that nobody want´s to tell you before about them - so I hope that you will be save back and will forget this days very soon.
    I wish you all the best now and I hope for a very fast recreation ....
    Here the last days were full of sad and anxious thoughts about little Aimy. She is - so it seems - now on the way to be a strong and healthy puppy again....We hope the same for you and please don´t start to early with full activities.
    Wuff and a big hug for the little boys...;-))and for you to from

  2. That must have been very scary. Aren't cavaliers wonderful nurses? I remember from an earlier post you love Lucy Maud Montgomery. While out driving we found a house she lived in near us (now a museum) and wrote 11 books there. There is a photo on our blog. HOpe you continue to recover and no one else gets sick.

    Miss Kodee @ Bark'n About

  3. What a nightmare! You must have been really scared. I'm glad you are now OK... I'm sure Marley and Jasper got some big hugs when all the family came back.

    BTW, that comment from Miss Kodee (well, her mom Debbie!) is quite interesting!

    Please take care!