Saturday, November 13, 2010


We recently enjoyed a weekend away camping
Tents, caravans, cabins.

Rustic items scattered around the camp grounds

Farm equipment

I loved this very unique BBQ that was made by one of the campers

The ever present country icon - barbed wire

Peacock feather, galahs and wild pidgeons.

Native flora in full bloom was prolific

The children fed the friendly cows

More flowers

The farm next door was a deer farm

Vibrant reds....

Feeding the deer

A colourful display

One of my favourites - the native bottle brush.


  1. Oh - we have sooooooooo much cold and rainy days and so I enjoyed your pictures so much.
    Have a nice and sunny it´s raining cats and dogs....terrible this time of the year - but we dogs are always happy when it is not tooooooooo hot - but only rain...nononoooo
    Wuff and LG

  2. Those are stunning photos! I really love how you put together the collages too. The close up of the barbwire especially.

  3. Good to see some flowers and blue skies.
    We have grey skies and it's cold and windy and it's raining.... ENJOY your weather.... I have to go and put my coat on and they make me go for a walk when I don't want to get wet.
    luv Amie Soto Blossom x x x

  4. You know that my family loves camping too!
    As always, superb photos. You are so talented, it's incredible!
    BTW, my mom says a big thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You are making my brudder's sleeping time much better.