Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Bird

"Mummy, look! look! there's a little birdie sitting high up in that tree."

"We hear him cheep! cheep! cheeping for such a long time."

"Why does he cry like that? Is he stuck in that tree?"

"See that fluffy bottom my love....see....he's still a baby bird." 
"But Mummy....where are his parents? Have they forgotten him there?"
"Just be patient my love and you will see."

Soon another bird landed close by with a tasty morsel in her beak.

"Ah...so there is the Mama bird! She hasn't forgotten her baby bird after all."


  1. Hi - what a cute post....I love also to look outside in our garden the birds....but not so often we can see such situation.
    Have a nice day....
    Wuff und LG

  2. Great pictures! You are so talented!

  3. Ahhh, that was very cute!

    I love to watch birds too!

  4. OH Jasper and Marley! I bet that pesky bird was taunting you. Never mind I bet your barks alerted Mommy to the DANGER that little bird could cause.
    <3 Miss Kodee