Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are still here and all safe and sound

Thank you to those of you who have privately emailed us recently. We really do appreciate your concern. We do live in Queensland and yes there are some devastating things happening here. Much of our state is under water. It is our Summer here and the children are on school holidays but so far we have had more than eight weeks of heavy rain. This week was worst with thunder, lightning and very heavy rainfall over much of the state.

North of us many towns are under water as close as one hour north of us. We are all safe and sound and are not in a flood prone area.....we hope! The rain has eased up today for the first time in weeks. We don't live near any rivers so it is not very likely that we will be affected by flooding, but the backlash will come later. Most of the shops here are empty and the trucks cannot get through with food supplies to many areas. We are well stocked here but are waiting to see what results from all this over the next few weeks. It is just so unbelievable!!!

A few hours south of us is the city of Brisbane which since yesterday is going under water. It is predicted to be the worst flood in 185 years. More than 100,000 houses are predicted to be flooded. Maybe in your country you have seen the news of Toowoomba which is south west of here - there was a flash flood yesterday - an inland tsunami and a great wall of water came down very quickly and washed away people, cars, boats and houses. So far 12 people have been found dead and more than 90 are still missing in the flood waters.

We are stunned in disbelief as we are glued to our televisions watching the water everywhere causing such disaster.

I haven't blogged since the school holidays as we've been busy with the children but will get back to it in a few weeks when school resumes and I have a little more time to myself. We have had only one day at the beach all Summer with the dogs, but that seems so unimportant now with all this tragedy nearby.

We thank you for all your concern and well wishes and hope you are all safe too.

Marley, Jasper and family

PS. The boys are bored from all this rain and been housebound and sleeping a lot of the time. Even between the rain it is too muddy to take them for walks. Sorry no photos today.


  1. So glad to hear this. I was thinking of you and Honey the Great Dane tonight. Hope it lets up soon!

  2. Hi boys, I´m glad to read the news from you here.
    Thank you for posting. Take the time you´s so devasting looking TV what´s going on in Down Under...terrible. Poor animals and poor people who are living there.
    Wuff and LG

  3. Very glad that you and your family are safe from the flood waters. I've been reading the news and the pictures are very heartbreaking. Praying for some sunny days down there.

  4. I'm really really glad to read this... Thanks so much for posting. I'm sending you tons of good vibes...